How many levels does the VIP Lounge have?

The VIP Lounge at LuckyNiki has 6 levels. The higher the level you achieve the better the benefits will be for you throughout the month.

How do I get into a higher level?

You will accumulate VIP points with every wager on all games. At the beginning of every month your VIP Points of the previous month are evaluated and based on your total, you will be assigned a level for the current month.

What are VIP Points?

VIP Points are accumulated with every wager on all games and determine which level you will be assigned to each month so that you may receive your monthly benefits.

How are VIP Points calculated?

VIP Points are accumulated when a player wagers in the Casino. There are different ratios for different games. Click here to see the table.

What do I get for reaching a higher level?

If you reach a higher level, you will be entitled to all the benefits listed in the Benefits Table. If there is a bonus for reaching that level, you will be able to claim it in the Bonus Area of the Cashier within 3 days.


Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Red Diamond
Monthly VIP Points 0 – 400 401 – 1000 1001 – 2000 2001 – 20000 20001 – 80000 80001+
Level Up Bonus 20.00 50.00 200.00 500.00
Level maintained bonus 20.00 50.00 200.00 500.00
Special monthly bonus offer
Promotions calendar
Higher deposit limits
Faster Payouts
Special promotions
VIP manager
Birthday bonus
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