LuckyNiki online casino accepts easy and safe deposits via Netbanking.

How to deposit money via Netbanking to your LuckyNiki account?

1 - Log in to LuckyNiki

2 - Click on 'deposit' on the top right and select 'Rupee Payments'

2 - Fill in the deposit amount and click on 'Submit'. Enter bonus code if you have one

3 - Select Netbanking

4 - Select your bank. If your bank does not appear under 'Popular Banks', do look for it in the dropdown menu under 'All Banks'. Click on 'Make payment' when done

5 - You will be directed to your bank's online banking page. On completion of the formalities, you will receive a payment confirmation

7 - The minimum deposit from Netbanking to LuckyNiki is INR 500

8 - It may not be available depending on your country of residence