Payment, Deposits & Withdrawals methods at Lucky Niki: There’s something for everyone!


Imagine you’re at an online casino playing at a slot machine or blackjack table. You have the chance to bet big, but you have various questions in mind. Which payment options should you choose? Should you prefer a casino that accepts digital payment and allows you to withdraw your winnings when you finish playing or a casino with different rules? Which payment options are there at an online casino?

If these questions have struck your mind, you’ve probably already discovered that they’re not the same. This blog will help you understand the various payment options available at one of the best online casinos – LuckyNiki.

LuckyNiki is making online gambling payments safe & secure.

When it comes to playing casino games online, there are many different options. Some casinos let you play for free with virtual slot machines, others offer various payment methods, and some let you win money from a jackpot as fast as possible. Wherever you play, getting the best experience is essential.

At LuckyNiki, we understand that not everyone has access to multiple bank accounts or debit cards that can make deposits directly into a casino’s bank account. Fortunately, there are plenty of payment options at LuckyNiki, which promise a safe and straightforward checkout process. The safety of our players is our priority, and we strive to achieve it every day.

These payment options will allow you to play with real money even if you don’t have access to the most common ones.

The fundamental way to deposit at LuckyNiki using any payment method

As an international casino, Lucky Niki provides a variety of payment choices. While playing on our website, we want players to feel comfortable and safe. We offer both local and international payment alternatives depending on your geographical area. Your money is safe because we adhere to strict security measures.

Credit/debit cards, Net Banking, UPI, and various other alternatives are available. Depositing money into your LuckyNiki casino account is quick and straightforward; withdrawals might take up to 24 hours. A minimum deposit of Rs. 500 is required.

Make your first deposit now by following these instructions –

  1. Register for a LuckyNiki account.
  2. Select a comfortable deposit method from the cashier area.
  3. Start the fund transfer procedure by entering the amount.
  4. You will receive a transfer confirmation stating that your funds have been placed into your Lucky Niki account.

Now that we have seen the basic steps to depositing let’s take an in-depth understanding of every payment method at LuckyNiki and how a player can deposit money.

Payment options available at LuckyNiki

1. Net banking

Netbanking, commonly referred to as online banking, is a popular casino payment option. With this payment method, bank account holders can make direct online deposits and withdrawals into their live casino accounts from their bank’s online payment system. When choosing net banking, players can perform transactions via IMPS, NEFT, or RTGS.

As per research, Netbanking is a primary payment method for over 40% of players. Let’s look at how one can deposit money using Netbanking at LuckyNiki.

Steps to use Netbanking to deposit money in your LuckyNiki account?

  • Login/Register on the LuckyNiki website.
  • Select ‘Rupee Payments’ under ‘deposit’ in the upper right corner.
  • Click ‘Submit’ after filling in the deposit amount (Min Rs.500). If you have any bonus code, enter it.
  • Select Netbanking
  • Select your bank. Check the ‘ All Banks ‘ dropdown menu; if your bank isn’t listed under ‘Popular Banks,’ check the ‘All Banks’ dropdown menu. When you’re finished, click ‘Payment.’
  • It will take you to the online banking page of your bank. You will get payment confirmation after all the steps are completed, and payment is made instantly.

2. AstroPay

Almost every country uses the Astropay card for various purposes. It is a virtual prepaid card, which means you must first pay to purchase or reload the card before using it to make online purchases. The card will vanish when you’ve used the loaded balance, leaving no information about you behind. This ensures utmost safety & security while playing at LuckyNiki.

How to deposit money using Astropay?

●       Log/Register into your account on the LuckyNiki website.

●       After that, go to the deposit choices and seek the Astropay payment method.

●       Click the Submit button after entering your card number and the amount you want to deposit (Min Rs.500)

●       You will receive a payment confirmation if your transfer is successful. The funds will be credited to your casino account & you will be all set to start playing!

3. UPI Transfer

The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is a real-time mobile payment transfer interface designed to make money transfers from one account to another as simple as possible. To utilize this payment interface, your bank must accept UPI payments. Common UPI platforms are:


– Google Pay

– Paytm

– PhonePe

– Mobikwik

This newly launched payment method caught the heat as it allows for transferring funds between two participating persons and their banks. So, let us understand the steps of how you can deposit money using UPI at LuckyNiki.

How to use UPI to deposit money to your LuckyNiki account?

  1. Login/Register at LuckyNiki.
  2. Visit the ‘deposit’ button on the top right and click ‘UPI.’
  3. You will be redirected to a new page showcasing the ‘LuckyNiki UPI ID.’
  4. Enter the displayed UPI ID into your chosen UPI platform.
  5. Fill in the deposit amount (Min Rs.500) and click on ‘Submit.’
  6. After you are done with the payment, visit the LuckyNiki payment page and enter the amount & transaction ID.
  7. The amount will be credited into your account in 2 hours after verification.

4. Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer and Net banking are like two sides of the coin – they come with many similarities. With this UPI-based bank transfer method, players can carry out transactions in a few moments. There are two ways to directly use the receiver’s bank account, IFSC code, CVV, or the UPI ID.

The procedure for making a bank transfer deposit at LuckyNiki is straightforward.

  1. To begin, go to the cashier area and pick ‘deposit’;
  2. Select UPI bank transfer as your method of payment.
  3. You will be redirected to a new page showcasing the ‘LuckyNiki UPI ID’ and IMPS details.
  4. Enter the displayed UPI ID into your chosen UPI platform. (Google pay, BHIM, etc.)
  5. Fill in the deposit amount (Min Rs.500) and complete the payment.
  6. After you are done with the payment, visit the LuckyNiki payment page and enter the amount & transaction ID.
  7. Post verification, the amount will be credited to your account.

5. Visa

If you wish to use your debit/credit card to make payments on Luckyniki, this is the option you can select. It’s fast, easy & safe. However, when depositing, ensure that the name on the card must be the same as the name on your LuckyNiki account.

How to deposit to LuckyNiki casino with Visa/ Mastercard?

  1. Log in to LuckyNiki casino, go to “My Account,” and choose “Credit Card.”
  2. Fill out the entire form, including player information and the deposit amount (Min Rs.720)
  3. Please provide the cardholder’s details and the card number, expiration date, and CVV2 code.
  4. On a successful transfer, you will receive a success message.

6. Bitcoin, Neteller, Skrill, & MuchBetter

These payment methods are popular gaming e-wallets that allow players to deposit funds into their LuckyNiki account quickly and easily. Credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and local online banking deposits can be used to load the amount into your payment app.

Your payment account (Eg, Neteller, Skrill, or any other account name) name and email address must match your LuckyNiki account credentials. The deposit process goes almost the same as above mentioned steps with a minimum of Rs. 500.

These platforms aim to provide people access to a one-of-a-kind online payment system to safeguard them against identity theft and other types of fraud.

7. EcoPayz

EcoPayz is a safe and easy way to deposit and withdraw money. You may use EcoPayz to create a personal debit card that works like a standard card. Credit cards are accepted for deposits into an EcoPayz account.

How to fund your LuckyNiki account from Ecopayz?

●       Login/Register into your LuckyNiki account.

●       Visit “My Account,” then “Deposit,” then “EcoPayz.”

●       Fill in the amount (Min 20 USD/euro) you want to put into your LuckyNiki account, then click “deposit.”

●       You will be redirected to the EcoPayz page and log in with your correct details.

●       The transfer confirmation page will appear. Please double-check that the merchant’s name is “LuckyNiki,” The amount is right before clicking “submit.”

●       On a successful transfer, you will receive payment confirmation.

Now that we have discussed the various payment methods on LuckyNiki, it’s time to understand what makes LuckyNiki different from its competitors.

Reasons to visit the LuckyNiki website and play

●       Welcome bonus of 100% up to Rs. 1 lakh

●       Withdrawal within 24 hours

●       Daily jackpots of up to INR 5 million are available.

●       SSL technology is used to encrypt the data.

●       User-friendly interface

●       24 Hrs customer support via email and chat

●       High-performance criteria emerged following the Japanese heritage

●       Indian Games and an assortment of 2500+ games.

●       Payment choices are many (UPI and Net banking for Indians)

Make LuckyNiki your partner in this era of online gambling casinos.

Online casinos & gambling are the future of entertainment & the rise of digital payments has given it a much-needed boost. Players across the country are now more attracted to indulging in the enjoyment from the comfort of their homes & in times like this, LuckyNiki is one such casino that makes safe online gambling a reality.

With payment options spread across debit/credit, Astropay, UPI, Bitcoin, Bank transfers, & more, things will get better for players at LuckyNiki.

So, leverage the various payment options available at LuckyNiki and hit ‘enter’ on your online gambling journey. Try LuckyNiki by clicking the link here.

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