All you need to know for playing live roulette like a pro!


You know it’s roulette we are talking about when your chances of winning are dependent on a ball rotating in the wheel. Whether you always had a desire to experience this breathtaking activity, or you just wanted to try it out for fun, starting your casino adventure is sure to be an exhilarating and nerve-wracking experience.

If you are new to online roulette, it may seem overwhelming to you. But trust us, it is a very simple game to play. Let us take you through all the knowledge that will come in handy for you to become a pro in this game.

History of Roulette

The wheel of luck that is an international gaming sensation was first outlined by mistake. Yes, you read it right! Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician and physicist in the late 1700s, tried to develop the perpetual motion machine, even though he failed; this was when the roulette game was first invented.

The roulette wheel that we see today is not entirely distinct from the design created in the 1700s. In the 1800s, this game went into slight modification when a zero was added to the wheel to increase winning chances. As the game started becoming popular in America, the double zero slots were added. These alterations down the years have given birth to the varied option of roulette that we see today.

Different Roulette Variations

As you know the history behind roulette, let us dig deep and learn more about the different roulette variations. There are three types of classic roulette variants that you will find everywhere, but thanks to the internet, there are more variants also available that you can try.

The first one is the European roulette that comes with the number 1 to 36 and a single zero. With this, there is also an option for playing your bets on its red or black box.

The next one is the French roulette which was invented in France. This particular wheel contains the numbers 1 to 36 and a single zero. It also has a feature that distinguishes it from the European roulette – the La Partage rule. It means if a player makes an even-money bet and the ball lands on zero, he or she loses only half their bet.

The third version is American roulette, which is similar to the other variants but has a double zero slot feature.

How to play

To win this game, you have to first predict a number on which you think the ball will land. You can do that by placing one or more bets that cover that particular number. The wheel covers the numbers 1-36 plus a single 0 (or two zeros in American roulette). Once the time allotted for betting is up, the dealer will release the ball in the roulette wheel. Once the ball stops rotating, it will stumble upon a number, and if you have placed your bet in a way that covers the particular number, you win.

Types of betting in roulette

There are various types of bets that one can place within the roulette game. Every bet is unique in its way, and each one has a different payout rate. There are two major betting types – Inside Bets and Outside Bets with the following options within them.


When you place your bets on the numbered space, it is called Inside Bets. Below are the various types of inside bets that you can use:

Straight Up – When you place your bet on any single number from 0-36 on the number table.

Split Bet – When you place your bet on two different numbers next to each other on the table, either on the vertical or horizontal. For example – (the bets vertically could be 8 and 5, 8 and 11, while horizontally could be 8 and 7, 8 and 9)

Street Bet – When you place your bet at the end of any row, the street bet covers the three consecutive numbers on that row. (For example – 7,8, and 9)

Corner Bet – When you place your bet on the corner/cross where four numbers meet, all four are covered.

Line Bet – When you place your bet at the end of two rows adjacent to each other, this bet covers all the numbers in both rows, for a total of six numbers.


When you bet on the special boxes other than the numbers, those bets are called Outside Bets.

Column Bet – The betting table has 3 boxes marked “2 to 1” on the end of the table. Each box covers the 12 numbers that are labelled above it. So place your bet on any one box, and it will be called a column bet. Keep in mind that the number zero is not part of any column bet.

Dozen Bet – When you place your bet on any of the boxes marked “1-12, 13-24, or 25-36,” all the twelve numbers above it are covered.

Red/Black – If you place your bet on the Red or Black box marked on the betting table, all the 18 numbers of the particular colour group are covered. Keep in mind that the number zero is not part of the bet.

Even/Odd – Placing your bet on the boxes marked odd or even on the betting table, you cover the 18 even or odd numbers that fall in the selected group. The number zero will not be covered by these bets.

Field Bet – Also known as a high or low bet, allows you to bet on two different groups of numbers. The former group is from “1-18″ while the latter covers” 19-36″. This bet will not cover the number zero.

RTP & Payout

The average payout percentage for Live Roulette is 97.30%.

Payout Table:

Straight Up35 to 1
Split Bet17 to 1
Street Bet11 to 1
Corner Bet8 to 1
Line Bet5 to 1
Column Bet2 to 1
Dozen Bet2 to 1
Red/Black1 to 1
Even/Odd1 to 1
Field Bet1 to 1

Why opt for Live Roulette?

Live dealers: Live roulette has tons of features that will give you an experience worth remembering. You get an experience similar to a land-based casino as you have a live dealer monitoring the game while you can also interact with them. Everything here happens in real-time, just like the land-based casino.

Unique theme & sound: The sleek design and easy-to-use interface makes gambling a lot easier and more fun. The theme of live roulette is much similar to the one you find at a land-based casino. While the sound used is impressive; and it will make you enjoy the game even more. You also get a 3D viewing mode when you play roulette live.

Follow these tips to win at roulette-

Don’t rush into the game:

If you are new to Online/Live roulette, it is always wise to first check out its functions and how it works. Even though it is similar to the one you find in a land-based casino, reading the game and previous winnings will help you place fruitful bets.

Pre-plan your spending limit:

This is a mistake that a lot of players end up making after significant wins or losses. Before you decide to start playing live roulette, set your limit to how much you are willing to spend in the game, regardless of whether you are winning or losing. If you have already exhausted your spending limit, it is wise to stop and leave the game for the day.

Start with small bets:

Even if you have already played this game in a land-based casino, it is better to start with smaller bets when you are new to Online/Live roulette.

In the start, play online roulette for free:

There is a considerable advantage that each player has – Free games when it comes to online gaming. You should always start a new game by playing it for free to be aware of the bets you can make. After you get the confidence of playing with real money, you can start with the paid version.

Know your odds:

When you know the odds in roulette, it will help you plan your bets better.

Choose a trusted online casino:

There are thousands of online casinos that you will stumble upon, but knowing which one is safe and trusted is very important. Don’t start playing at any online casino. List down the top casinos you like and do your research to check its authenticity and the different bonuses it offers.

Some casinos may offer you bigger wins, but they might also be a fraud, so choose wisely!

To help you stay out of such situations, we have done our research, and we think LuckyNiki India is an excellent option for you!

Try using strategies:

Experts have laid out many strategies to follow that increase your chances of winning and having fun while playing! Find the best strategy for your game from the ones listed below.

Best Roulette Strategies

The Martingale Betting Strategy:

According to this strategy, when you lose a bet, double your betting amount for the next round, so eventually, you can recover the amount you lost while winning a little more when you win. However, start betting with small amounts only.

The D’Alembert Roulette Strategy:

If you don’t want to double your bets, you can try out this strategy where you bet 1:1. So, if you lose/win around, you will still bet the initial betting amount.

The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy:

If you want the safest of all – this is your way to go. This roulette strategy is one of the safest ones in the game. The Fibonacci strategy works on the famous Fibonacci numbers. It is a sequence of numbers where each number is the sum of the previous two numbers. This sequence looks like this

– 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 and so on.

It is best to use this strategy if you place even money bets like red/black or odd/even. Your chances of winning increase by 50%, and also, make sure to stay on the same number until you have a win. If you win a bet, increase your stake by two and so on, but if you lose a hand, make sure to start over from the minimum bet. Always start with smaller bets.

The James Bond Betting Strategy:

This strategy is recommended when you are not planning to spend much time on the roulette table. You need to start with an amount that you wish to bet and then divide it across three different bets with the percentages of 70%, 25% and 5%.

The first bet is to be placed on a number from 19-36, the second one will be on the number from 13-18, while the third one will be on 0.

The Labouchère Strategy:

The Labouchere is a strategy that works with even bets. Using it while betting on inside bets can be risky since the strategy won’t work, and you might end up losing a lot.

Before starting with this strategy, you need to decide how much you wish to win. For example, if you want to win ₹20, you need to divide it into smaller bets like 5-4-2-1-4-4. Remember – the way you distribute your bets it’s up to you!

Now, when you start playing, add the leftmost and rightmost number of the sequence to determine your first bet. In our example above, we will need to bet ₹9 for your first spin.

If you win, cross out the numbers you used (In our example – 5 and 4) and then select the following leftmost and rightmost numbers (In our example – 4 and 4) to bet. Add both the numbers, and that is the amount you spend. Keep on doing this same process if you win all rounds.

However, if you lose a bet, don’t cross out any numbers; instead, add the amount you spent on the bet to the rightmost side of the sequence. So If you had lost the first bet in our example, your new sequence would look like this – 5-4-2-1-4-4-9.

This is how the Labouchere strategy goes. Once you get in the mojo, it’s pretty simple.

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